Chris Arnatt Ph.D.

Chris Arnatt utilizes organic and synthetic chemistry to generate targeted small molecules for research and therapy. He has a special interest in developing chemical and fluorescent probes to study biologic systems, and focuses his research on nuclear proteins and DNA modifications in cancer and stem cell biology.

Keywords:Breast Cancer, GPCRs, Synthetic Chemistry

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Marvin Meyers, Ph.D.

Marvin Meyers utilizes synthetic organic chemistry and structure-based design principles to prepare new compounds and optimize the potency, pharmacokinetics, and safety profiles of compounds to identify candidate drugs. His multi-collaborative efforts span disease types, and his compounds are also used as chemical probes to modulate biological systems, define molecular pathways, and identify new druggable targets.

Keywords:Synthetic Chemistry, Pharmacology, Drug Discovery

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John Walker, Ph.D.

John Walker applies his expertise in synthetic medicinal chemistry to multiple collaborative projects to develop new tools and therapeutic compounds. He is currently developing novel modulators of nuclear receptors for pain regulation, and methods for targeting Gram-negative bacteria.

Keywords: Drug Discovery, Synthetic Chemistry

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