The IDBI welcomes inquiries from the community, students, researchers, and industry on how they can support and collaborate on our research mission.



Students of Saint Louis University are encouraged to explore the opportunities listed on the Education Pages of this website. There are many opportunities for students to engage in laboratory based research with IDBI members throughout the year, including the summer.


Potential Supporters

The IDBI has several critical operations that are made possible by the generous support of financial gifts.

  • Seed Grants: The IDBI provides flexible seed grant funds to support projects likely to result in expansion of IDBI collaborations and acquisition of external funding. More information can be found here.
    • In 2020, the IDBI awarded $70,000 in Seed Grant money to 7 projects, representing 15 investigators.
    • Received 12 applications
    • Many grants were to address specific requests from external grant applications
  • ADMEPK Service: The IDBI supports a full time scientist to perform critical specialized assays for drug development. By supporting this position, IDBI ensures these services are available to IDBI members and the SLU community at affordable rates and in a timely fashion, providing deep expertise and consultation that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive to obtain from commercial sources.

Gifts to support the IDBI are always welcome. If you would like to discuss directed giving opportunities to support specific areas of the IDBI Mission or individual research, inquiries can be made to John Tavis, Director (

Support can also be made directly to the IDBI Fund.



Saint Louis University scientists interested in becoming members of IDBI are encouraged to contact the Director, John Tavis.

Local and global researchers interested in collaborating on any drug discovery projects are encouraged to reach out to the specific PI’s of interest to them, whether you are seeking out expert advice or consultation on a project, or have a project proposal that you think may interest an IDBI member. Investigators may also contact Jaffre Athman, Director of Business Development ( for an introduction.

For researchers hoping to take advantage of the IDBI ADME/PK Core service, or any of the laboratory assays available in member laboratories, see the ADME/PK Resources page for specifics on those services and contact information.



SLU-IDBI encourages its members to explore collaborative industry sponsored research projects and funded drug discovery and/or disease-focused programs with compatible industry partners.

To discuss your research interests, or to obtain non-confidential research summaries for each Principal Investigator (PI), please contact Jaffre Athman, Director of Business Development ( Feel free to also reach out directly to specific PI’s of interest.

Industry partners interested in sponsoring educational activities for students, seed grants or discovery competitions are encouraged to contact IDBI Director John Tavis (

More information about how IDBI can work with you is available on the Industry webpage.